About Me

AnneMarie with red glassesHi, I’m AnneMarie Smellie.

I have now been treating people for anxiety, and many other very varied issues, for over 12 years.  I have found that, by accessing the subconscious mind, I can detect what information has set up the problem or problems in the first place.  This is about correcting the information – this does not mean that I “change” the person, I just put them back into balance so they are the best of themselves.

I was always interested in the MIND and having experienced hypnotherapy myself I knew the power it held – not only to sort out the past affects in ourselves, but also how to train it to work for you in an amazingly powerful way.

I started studying at the Therapy Training College in Birmingham and qualified in 2004 as a Curative Hypnotherapist – and have never looked back.

I now have clients who come for treatment from all over the UK. I am proud that I am now considered an expert in hypnotherapy in the UK.

My working career started working for the BBC, working on the radio programme “The Archers”.  I then went on to work in production on many varied television programmes. They ranged from “One Man and His Dog” to “Trooping the Colour” and “The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast”. I was involved from the planning right through to the transmission and beyond. This meant being in contact with people from very diverse backgrounds.  It was full on at times but I loved the adrenalin.