Hypnotherapy for Business


Your employees make or break your company – so you need to look after them.

If you want peak performance, then be pro-active in helping your employees remove the stress and anxiety from their minds.

My name is AnneMarie Smellie and I’m an expert of the mind. As a qualified Hypnotherapist, of over 12 years, I regularly enable CEOs,  Directors and Employees to perform to their highest potential ensuring maximum returns for the companies I consult for.

Hypnotherapy is based on neuroscience and is a very effective tool to re-energise your company by helping its employees smash through their self-limiting perceptions leading to:

  • Productive
  • Stress Free
  • Confident
  • And Happy Staff

Sounds scary?

Don’t be. Hypnotherapy is used by many companies to improve employee welfare.

It can be used as an effective business development tool to:

  • Bring confidence to public speaking and presentations
  • Increase motivation
  • Enable better problem solving
  • Increasing the sales performance
  • Improving the effectiveness of decision making
  • Taking away the stresses

If these benefits sound of interest for your company then outlined below are the services I offer.

One to one Hypnotherapy Consultations to get rid of anxiety/stress related issues.

Talk:   How to create better Energy within your business.

Energy in Business

“Everything is energy”

So, if everything is energy you need to be aware of the energy that is being put into your business.

Sometimes we have “stuck” areas and the system does not flow so well.

The majority of this comes down to the people themselves – your workforce and even yourself!  It’s all about the energy you and they are giving out.

Your company needs to work “as one” – so all the parts interconnect.  But too often we have “the blame” curse.  Where people are not taking responsibility for their area or even only taking responsibility for their area and not caring about what happens outside of it.  This can lead to stress, jealousies and resentments.

Too many times I have treated people who are full of stress and anxiety and really hating their jobs – finding sometimes that those around them want to “trip them up” rather than encouraging and supporting them.

You want people who take responsibility for their areas but also you want them to be able to feel that they can hold their hands up when something has gone wrong or if something is proving too difficult for them.  Not to condemn them but to support them.  Working as a team to find a way through.

When you know that everyone has your back you feel part of a family, a unit.  You feel supported and want to work harder, better.

This is the way to grow a business – it starts with the workforce.

Please contact me to discuss further.