What is Curative Hypnotherapy?

Help for Emotional, Physical and Behavioural Problems

In my practice I see people on a daily basis with all kinds of problems.

These problems might be physical, behavioural or emotional.

But regardless of how they manifest themselves they all have one thing in common – they stop you living your life the way you want to.

As a Curative Hypnotherapist my goal is to give you freedom. Freedom to make your choices and live your life your way.

Instinctively, we all know that things do not just happen without reason or cause, therefore there must be something that has caused your problem.

We are often aware of what has triggered or set off the problem but this is only half the story.

As a Curative Hypnotherapist I need to find the missing information that explains why you continue to suffer.

By using the most advanced hypnotherapy techniques available I can find this information and dispose of your problem permanently so that it does not return.

What is “Curative Hypnotherapy”?

This is the use of hypnosis to uncover and correct the cause of symptoms. Many psychologists and counsellors also use hypnosis in their practices, but there are many different types of hypnotherapy treatments.

I use a questioning technique whilst you are deeply relaxed, using not your voice but your fingers to answer.  This is called Ideo Motor Response (IMR).  Using this method I am able to retrieve far better information.

The only way to cure any problem is to find and then correct the cause.

All of us react in accordance with our previous experiences and, as no two people have had identical experiences, the true Cause of their problem is unique to them. Therefore this information can only be found out from the sufferer him/herself.

The object of Curative Hypnotherapy is to enable the cause to be uncovered so that it can be corrected.

Once the cause is eliminated then the effect (the symptom) cannot continue to exist. It will therefore continue to disappear until all traces of the symptom are gone.