Sleep Issues and Insomnia

Do you sleep properly?

Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives.

Without sleep our body and our mind does not function properly.

The trouble is that when you get into a rut of not sleeping properly it seems to consistently happen – you will find yourself waking up usually at the same times in the middle of the night…

Your mind is probably going over and over things and it can be incredibly difficult to shut off.

There is always a reason why it started in the first place – I find out why and correct the information at source and enable you to sleep well.

Imagine waking up refreshed and ready for the day…

Anxiety and Stress can be a big cause of sleep issues – sometimes we don’t even realise how stressed and anxious we are.

We get so used to dealing with all the different areas of our lives, mostly on full throttle.  We don’t realise how much stress we are storing up.

When we relax at night these stresses can show up and make it difficult to even let go and relax in the first place.

Do you suffer with Nightmares?

Some people have extreme sleep issues when they wake up in a cold sweat from nightmares, or night terrors as some people call them.

This busy mind of yours has been making all sorts of connections and if you have stored up a lot of fear etc. during your life it can make these rather horrible.

I access this information and change it in your mind.  I also help you to train yourself to get out of the habitual time you wake up and enable you to have a better nights sleep – why not try it and see?

Time to value yourself and get yourself back on track.

We all need to re-charge.  Whilst we are sleeping this is what your body does – it takes the everyday energy that we use and instead puts it into renewing your cells.

Makes you look and feel younger!

Time to Sleep and get your Energy back…

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