“Well I never expected that!  I couldn’t believe how AnneMarie just got to the root of my issues so quickly and succinctly.  I now feel so much better, I don’t have to “manage my problems”, they are just gone!”   J.L.

“Working with AnneMarie on my issues has been incredible.  She is really inspirational – I have tried Mindfulness and all sorts of other therapies to shift my patterns but at last they have been sorted and I feel that I have far more tools with which to live my life with.”  M.R

“I have been struggling to get back to myself again after having a breakdown in 2014, I discovered that I have bpd and having been through a lot of counselling and various forms of healing including therapy provided by the mental health team, I still had problems bubbling away under the surface. 

“I was on an emotional roller coaster – in a constant daily state of heightened or lowered emotions, I was either up or down, never in the middle, very unpredictable and never able to gain control. It was a battle – I had constant anxiety and minor things would set me into a panic, not being able to eat or sleep. 

“Life was very emotionally hard for me and also those around me, I was at the point of turning to medication (I’d always fought through without it) and then someone recommended AnneMarie – it was the best decision I ever made, since my course of treatment my life and mindset has completely changed, I am for the first time in years – emotionally stable, anneMarie has helped me to get off the roller coaster which had worn me out for so long. I am finally in control again – I have not had a single panic attack or any form of anxiety since my treatment with her. 

“We went right back to my early childhood and tackled trauma that I had carried for many many years, things I wasn’t ever consciously aware of. 

“I honestly feel like a different person and can finally enjoy my life to it’s fullest again, the change has been incredible and totally amazing. I’m happy again, I feel like I’m a better version of my former pre-breakdown self, I feel so positive about my life and the future, my self esteem and self worth has improved along with my mindset, I feel lighter and free of the past trauma that was weighing me down. 

“I would recommend seeing AnneMarie to anyone struggling with mental illness it was the best therapy I had. 

“I then decided to quit smoking also with AnneMarie’s help, I’ve not smoked now for 84 days and do not crave cigarettes at all – I’ve tried quitting so many times and after 23 years of being a smoker I am now a non smoker – hypnotherapy is a personal investment I will always value. Thank you AnneMarie so so much xxx ”  S.W.

Having treatment from AnneMarie has had a profound impact on my life.  Not only for my own personal wellbeing, but my marriage has just turned totally around. I understand my husband and he gets me, and we both communicate at at far better level. Never realised that booking these appointments would ever bring such amazing results. Thank you AnneMarie!”  P.Z.

“I have suffered with Anxiety for as long as I can remember, and now I feel entirely different, things just don’t seem to upset or be fearful for me any longer – its like being able to breathe properly for the very first time. Thank you for everything you have done for me.” L.B.

“Thank you so much for all your help, my son is now like a different person, in control and loving life – what a difference!” C.T.

“Smoking was such a big part of my life, I had no idea how I would behave day to day without my so-called ‘Friends’ – AnneMarie made me feel really at peace and in control.” H.S.

“Thank you so much for enabling me to Stop Smoking, it was so incredibly easy. I feel in control of me life now and I have saved so much money! Thank you.” S.A.

“When I originally came to see you I measured myself to be 40% fit, always so tired and drained and unable to cope with too much, but now I am at least 90% and gaining more and more strength each day. I have lived with this Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for far too long and now I can get my life back on track. Thank you AnneMarie.” B.S.

“Wow! I feel so much better, so relaxed and seem to be reacting to everyone and everything in a far more relaxed manner. I feel in control now – at last… Thank you so much.” K.O.

“AnneMarie took the time to explore the root of my issues. Also, she was very caring and gentle plus professional, with a clear focus on my desired outcome. I felt understood and nurtured during sessions. I felt calm and steady after sessions. AnneMarie identified the issues and seemed to be able to structure my treatment accordingly. I would have hypnotherapy again and would recommend it to others.” J.O.

“I was put on my first diet at about 6 or 7 years of age and since then I have done Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Cabbage Soup, F-Plan, fat free, de-tox and calorie counted diets. I have had over ten years of eating disorders and I have always been a gym member, even though I really don’t like going.

“I decided that I was going to make one last stab at losing weight, before I just give in and buy bigger clothes!

“After my first session, I was deliriously angry. It seemed that my weight “problem” started when I was just six years old and my family teased me as their way of escapism from their worries about our parents divorce. Even my mother called me names to let off steam from her problems. Everything that had happened since then, I had reacted to it and put it down to the fact that “it was because I was fat”.

“As humans, we have something called “fight or flight” where our bodies sense a problem and will decide how to protect ourselves. We either run away (flight) or prepare to fight. As I couldn’t run away, I had to deal with the situation in the best way a six year old thinks is best. My body held on to all the calories I ever consumed. In making myself fat, I would please the people who teased me and I would then have their approval as I have justified their taunts. If they felt better about themselves then surely they would start to love their little sister? That is how my body decided to protect itself (the fight).

“So, it became clear in the first couple of sessions of Curative Hypnotherapy, that my “weight problem” was created by my perception of what happened and how I, as a young child interpreted situations and dealt with it. Through hypnosis, I re-lived poignant situations which endorsed my beliefs and AnneMarie was able to re-assess the situation with my adult mind.

“Curative hypnosis has worked wonders for my confidence, first and foremost. Although I still carry a few pounds more than I would like, I don’t let that stop me from doing things, such as meeting my friends, running around with the children and seeing my family. Before, I felt uncomfortable around my friends as I didn’t think that I could contribute anything worthwhile to conversations. I didn’t like running round with the children as I felt too self-conscious about my wobbly bits and I never felt as good as my sisters at family meetings.

“Going through this process is like going for your first run in years. You feel a lot of hurt (emotionally, as you come to terms with how people treated you), you wonder why on earth you are doing it (as your mind dredges up the past), but once you have finished, you feel so much better. The clean feeling on the inside that comes with new, fresh air in your lungs after your run, is on this occasion felt in your mind. Without making any conscious decisions or the need to find willpower, you deal with things in a more positive way.

“The strange thing is, Curative Hypnotherapy is such a natural change that you don’t realise until afterwards, when you think “Before Hypno, I would have thought/done….but yesterday, I didn’t!”

“For anyone who knows that they have a skeleton in their closet that they need to deal with, this is a lethal dose of perspective, served with a huge dose of relaxation and final relief.” J.S.

“I was amazed at how easily Anne-Marie accessed my subconscious and was able to help me re-programme it. She is truly gifted in her ability to get to the bottom of the problem. Being quite a stubborn person, I was impressed that she managed to get through my blocks and reach the core issue. I was surprised at how deep the treatment was and how many things changed after the treatment as a result of it.” R.K.

“Just a short note to let you know how well I am continuing to feel since you treated me. It was 3 years ago whilst skiing that I first realised I wasn’t right. This week-end I have enjoyed both the physicality of skiing and the quality time resting, more than I have ever done before. My energy levels and stamina are returning to normal, although I am now enjoying “down” time more than I ever did prior to the “fatigue syndrome”. Thank you again for your help and advice, I cannot express how nice it is to feel normal again.” 

“Thank you for the treatment to give up Smoking, neither of us has smoked since June 13th after seeing you that day, our families can’t believe it. Thank you again for helping us.” 

“You have saved me, it’s so lovely to be “me”, at last! My mind is free of depression which was a very wearing condition. I look forward every day. The past gets left behind where it should be! My lovely memories, thoughts, lovely moments, trickle through, very slowly each day. Like the sun comes up ‘n sets my future LIFE is now going to be lived.”